Executive Aviation


Executive Aviation Services (EAS) has been operating continually since 2000. Our pilots and crew are the ultimate professionals to take you to your next destination. Collectively, they bring more than 50,000 hours of piloting experience to EAS, and it's their professionalism and attention to detail that make flying with us so pleasant.

All of our captains hold Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificates, the highest license possible for commercial operations. Our pilots undergo stringent semi-annual training exceeding federal requirements through Flight Safety, the world's preeminent pilot training organization.

EAS also has access to any type of aircraft through our charter partners at the American Jet International Airport and throughout the world. If you'd like to schedule a tour in person, call us at 479.936.1805.

If you own an aircraft, EAS can manage your plane and help generate charter revenues for you. Please call us to inquire about the many advantages, such as tax and depreciation benefits, of aircraft ownership and management.

Executive Aviation Services operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can be on your way to your destination within an hour.

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