We want our clients to know exactly what to expect — from arriving at the airport to touching down at your destination. Our most common questions are answered below.

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Q: From where do we take off?
A: We are based at the Springdale Municipal Airport but departure can be from any location with the necessary runway for the aircraft.

Q: Do we need to get to the airport two hours before takeoff for screening?
A: You will take off immediately upon your arrival. Without ANY waiting. None.

Q: How much luggage can we check?
A: It varies a lot by the type of aircraft you use. Skis, snowboards, fishing and hunting equipment are common items as is your favorite extra-large suitcase.

Q: Is there a check-in line?
A: Check in process consists of showing a picture ID.

Q: We’re thinking of taking a family vacation in the Bahamas. Do you fly there?
A: Yes, we can fly directly to the Bahamas. We can fly directly to all of Canada, Alaska, Mexico, the Caribbean, Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands as well as Central America.

Q: Do you offer one-way flights?
A: Yes.

Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: Just call us at 479.936.1805. We operate 24/7.

Q: Is it true we can charter a flight for business or pleasure?
A: Yes, business or pleasure, we fly at your convenience.

Q: How far in advance do I have to book a plane?
A: We strive to be able to launch with 90 minutes notice but advance notice and booking is appreciated. International flights require at least 24 hours notice due to customs and permits.


Q: Aren’t small planes and jets really cramped?
A: Chairs in our Jet are comparable to commercial First Class or your living room chairs.

Q: I hate it when I keep bumping elbows with the person I’m sitting next to. How many seats across do you have?
A: Seats are separate. No one beside you to rub elbows.

Q: I need space to work while I’m flying. Do you have tray tables on each seat?
A: Tray tables are large enough to eat a real dinner or work with several folders and a laptop simultaneously.

Q: Do you have rest rooms on your planes?
A: Restrooms are available on the Hawker, Super King Air 200, and King Air 90.

Q: Can I use my cell phone on the planes?
A: The Hawker is equipped with WIFI. Email, text, and VPN are available above 10,000 feet.

Q: Is it safe to fly on small planes?
A: Our safety record is impeccable.

Q: Our offices are in two locations. Can we pick someone up on the way?
A: Yes. It is a very common practice for our passengers.

Q: What do you have for food on your planes?
A: Water, soda, coffee and snacks are provided with the flight. Catering requests can be accommodated.

Q: Is smoking allowed?
A: Smoking is not allowed on board.

Q: Do you lock the doors into the cockpit?
A: Security checks are performed on everyone before boarding. You will know who is flying with you (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) Our cockpits do not have doors.

Q: Can I make changes in the itinerary?
A: Changes are constant in your life. Itinerary changes are easily accommodated upon request. They can even be made once you’re airborne.

Q: How many people can fly on each plane?
A: It varies with the aircraft and conditions but the maximum is 9 on the Hawker, 7 on the Super King Air 200, 6 on the King Air 90, and 4 on the Beechcraft Baron.

Q: Can I bring my dog or cat with me on the plane?
A: Yes, pets are welcome and do not have to be caged.

Q: Can you fly through bad weather? If so, isn’t it really bumpy?
A: We follow the same regulations as airliners regarding weather. We may have a more personalized angle on weather conditions. We will not cancel a flight for a temporary weather phenomenon. Flexibility allows us to advise you and make the best decision (change departure time or alter destination).


Q: What happens if our sales meeting runs late? Do we have to book a new flight?
A: The aircraft stays with you and takes you where you want, when you want.

Q: Where do we land? Do we have to go to the main terminal to catch a cab? How do I arrange for ground transportation?
A: You can land at one of the 5,300 airports in the USA (airlines serve about 500) and go directly to a facility dedicated to private aviation where your car, limousine, boat, or helicopter waits for you. We can arrange any type of transportation at your destination.

Q: I hate it when the airlines lose my luggage. Does Executive Aviation Services have good baggage handlers?
A: Your luggage will be handled by the crew of the aircraft. No third party is involved and no luggage has ever been lost or damaged while flying with Executive Aviation Services.

Q: Aren’t smaller planes the last ones to land at big airports?
A: We have the same priority as all other commercial carriers, i.e. airlines.

Q: What happens if I need to stay overnight? Do I have to come back the same day?
A: If you need to stay overnight, an overnight fee will be charged.


Q: How many pilots do you have?
A: Currently we have 7.

Q: If I fly with you on more than one occasion, can I have the same pilot?
A: Based on availability, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q: How many pilots fly your aircraft?
A: The Hawker requires two pilots for all operations. The King Airs and Baron are single pilot aircraft. Two pilots can be provided if requested.


Q: What’s the fastest plane you have?
A: The Hawker 800XP, which flies at Mach 0.80, a typical speed for regional jets.

Q: What’s the biggest plane you have?
A: The Hawker 800XP is the largest aircraft we operate in the fleet. It seats up to 9 passengers.

Q: Don’t your planes fly slower than the airlines’ planes?
A: The King Airs are slower than airlines but, since you don’t stand in line for an hour for a body search or fly to a hub to make a connecting flight and stand around waiting for your luggage, it is rare that we don’t beat the airline’s schedule. The only time they are close is if they happen to have a direct flight.

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